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Welcome to my website where you cannot only find free electrical symbols for use in Visio, QElectroTech, AutoCAD and in SVG-format but also guidance to fast forward the design of your AREI compliant electrical drawings. Read on and save on your renovation or construction budget...

Create your own electrical wiring diagrams

Drawing an electrical diagram, me?

Of course... drawing your own domestic electrical diagrams has just become easy as pie. This website bundles all tools and knowledge to kick start your project. The goal of this site is to aid you with the required drawing part of your electrical wiring. The actual design and physical installation is of course best left to a certified electrician.

The free AREI compliant electrical symbols offered on this website are compatible with Visio, AutoCAD and can also be used with vector based drawing tools of which many are completely free. Good examples are Inkscape and the dedicated to electrical diagrams open source package QElectroTech.

Not yet convinced? Have a peek at the video clip, could it be any easier?

  • New electrical installations
  • Major expansions or changes
  • Increase of connection capacity
  • Temporary connections
  • Selling a house with an installation predating October 1st, 1981
  • Recertification of compliance every 25 years
Need help?

Via its informative pages this website tries to provide clear answers to many of the most commonly asked questions when dealing with domestic electricity on Belgian territory. Should you however face a problem for which you can’t find the answer straight away then please feel free to use the forum. You are bound to receive the answer you are looking for.
What to expect from these free electrical shapes
  • Completely free of charge
  • 85 AREI compliant symbols
  • Including 17 diagram- and floor plan variations
  • 2 symbols for photovoltaic installations (≠AREI)
  • Sorted in 8 logical categories
  • English description and additional explanation for each symbol (Vision)
  • Symbols and texts fully resizable
  • Carefully added Snap- and connections point for easy drawing
  • For all versions of Visio from 2002
  • For all versions of AutoCAD from 2002
  • For QElectroTech as of version 0.5
  • For all vector based drawing tools compatible with SVG (e.g. Inkscape)
  • Available in Dutch, French and English (Visio and QElectroTech)
Example of an electrical diagram in Visio
Example of an electrical diagram in Visio
Overview of the AREI-shapes for Visio
Overview of the AREI-shapes for Visio
All AREI-shapes are fully resizable
All AREI-shapes are fully resizable
Elk symbool heeft handige magneet- en verbindingspunten
All AREI-shapes feature carefully added snap- and glue points
Over During the construction of my house, I searched the web for days in an attempt to find an easy and free method to create professional looking electrical wiring diagrams but alas to no avail.Hence, this initiative to share some knowledge and my collection of homemade AREI complaint shapes, I really hope you can benefit from them...

I wish you the best of luck in realizing you project!

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The refurbishment of our kitchen turned out to be true a nightmare, needless to say we were very worried about the certification of our increased connection capacity. Luckily, we found your website and by using the trial version of Visio and your free electrical shapes the required drawings were done in no time. BTW, I had no previous experience with electrical diagrams what so ever. Thanks a lot!

Rudi & Jeaninne B.

Thanks ShadowHunter, the inspection of my new domestic electrical wiring was a breeze. The inspector told me that if more people would present this level of diagrams he would be home by noon.

Nathan & Evelien H.

Hello, our electrician could not believe what he saw when we showed him our homemade wiring diagram. Everything went extremely smoothly. Thank you for offering these shapes free of charge.

Eva & Wouter V.

So happy to have stumbled on your website, we had search high and low on how to create an electrical diagram. A small donation is on its way...

Steven & Valerie P.
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